About the Editors

Andrew Hippisley is author of Network Morphology (2012, CUP, with Dunstan Brown), co-editor of Deponency and Morphological Mismatches (2007, OUP), co-editor of a new book series Edinburgh Studies in Theoretical Linguistics (with Nik Gisborne) and has published numerous articles on morphology in such outlets as Yearbook of Morphology, Linguistics, Studies in Language, Natural Language Engineering as well as chapters in books such as Variation and Change in Morphology (2010, Benjamins), Handbook of Natural Language Processing (2010, Taylor & Francis), and The Word (forthcoming, OUP).

Gregory Stump is author of Inflectional Morphology (2001, CUP), co-author of Morphological Typology: From Word to Paradigm (to appear, CUP, with Raphael Finkel), co-editor of the journal Word Structure (Edinburgh University Press), former review editor of the journal Language, and author of numerous research articles in journals such as Journal of Linguistics, Language, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Yearbook of Morphology and Morphology as well as of chapters in books such as Defective Paradigms (2010, OUP), Analogy in Grammar (2009, OUP), Deponency and Morphological Mismatches (2007, OUP), The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Interfaces (2007, OUP), Periphrasis (to appear, OUP) and The Oxford Handbook of Inflection (to appear, OUP).